safer cbd
safer cbd

Safer Products has become one of my favorite since I discovered its potency in relinquishing stress and accompanying the peace of mind I always looked for.

Jason Phillips

This is the brand I always recommend when someone asks! Safer Products has become a daily part of my life, thanks to their trustworthy nature.

Brittany Matthews

I heard that the oil tincture could work to heal my sore joints and it’s worked really well. I take a small serving when I wake up and a little more after lunch. I feel better when I take it twice per day instead of just once.

Mark James

A very tasty peppermint flavored tincture by Safer Products, it even makes me feel relaxed through the worst chores, like paperwork.

Ashley Day

The Safer Products Gummies are a tasty and a delicious way to take in your regular dose of CBD. I have one package at home and other at the office to make sure I don’t miss a dose.

Jake Young

Awesome packaging, personally I’m a fan of the 1000mg CBD Tincture Oil, it’s a great relief for my anxieties.

Sam Jones

I can happily say that Safer Products CBD Pet Tincture Oil has really helped with my pups anxiety during trips to the vet.

Jaxon Miller

I have terrible back pain from slouching over my computer all day. I’ve started taking CBD Soft Gels, as I can casually take them at work. So far, I have been pleased, my muscles seem to be more relaxed than they were.

Savannah Garcia