Private Labeling & Co-Manufacturing Services

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An important component to success in the CBD industry, after the quality of your CBD products, is product presentation. Before the consumer buys your product, something about it must appeal to them. Packaging that appeals to your target consumer demographic goes a long way toward helping sell your product. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through what is known as “white labeling” or “private labeling”.

A white label, also known as private labeling, product is a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company and sold by another. White label products and services are purchased by the reseller without branding and the reseller can then customize the product with their own brand, logo, and identity. Private labeling with Safer Products is a convenient way to focus on marketing your CBD brand without the complexity of manufacturing.

Our Private Label Manufacturing Program is for new companies looking to introduce high quality products directly to market. Our product development and fulfillment team can provide you with as little or as much assistance as you need. 

All of our products are 3rd party tested to verify the amount of CBD in the product.

Safer Products Private Label Program Provides The Following Benefits:

Variety of Great Products

It Saves YOU Time & Money

Small Minimum Orders

Enables YOU to Focus on Sales 

An attractive label creates a personalized marketing message and is the foundation for all other marketing strategies. You can choose from a wide variety of custom label designs, in a variety of shapes and colors prepared by one of the best graphic departments in the business. Our creative and talented design team works with you to create the label you want. For those on a budget, we can also customize one of our label templates with your logo. 

safer cbd labeling service
safer cbd labeling service
safer cbd labeling service
safer cbd labeling service