These days, we often get to hear about the phenomenal therapeutic properties of CBD. Most of these health benefits have now been clinically proven by researchers around the world. As a result, the benefits of using CBD are frequently heard nowadays in the mainstream, too. The well-known mixed martial artist Nate Diaz is probably the most high profile sportsperson till date to openly discuss how CBD helps his health.

Following his defeat to Conor McGregor at UFC 202, Diaz hit the headlines by appearing at a press conference hitting a CBD-infused vape pen. Owing to the brutal nature of MMA fights, the battle-weary fighters are often in need of quick soothing immediately after the fight. Nate didn’t think he was wrong in using CBD and made no attempt whatsoever to hide anything. He was seen vaping throughout the press conference, expressing his support for CBD in a vocal manner. He mentioned that CBD helps him with post-fight inflammation and overall recovery.

As a result of using a vape pen and CBD publicly, Nate had to court controversy. Following their anti-doping policy, UFC put him under investigation after his revelations. However, later on, Nate was cleared of all charges because his drug tests didn’t provide any undesirable findings. Later on, CBD was removed from its list of banned substances by WADA. This triggered a widespread interest amongst many MMA fans as well as athletes in CBD.

Regardless of win or loss, Nate obviously has a tough job. After each fight, he surely goes through a lot of pain. It is true that traditional painkillers are effective, but they often come with unhealthy side-effects when used on a long-term basis. This is probably the foremost reason why Nate went searching for a natural and cleaner alternative to ease the pain resulting from his fights and found the solution in the form of CBD.

It is important to remember that today’s professional athletes are extremely serious about their game and would never commit the mistake of relying on a substance that is not backed by scientific studies. The latest studies suggest that CBD is focused entirely on healing. Though it is derived from the cannabis plant, CBD does not contain its psychoactive component known as THC.

There are several clinically established benefits of CBD. While its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are well established, some experts suggest that it can help manage some of the effects of cancer. It is also extremely useful as a natural remedy for anxiety, pain, sleep disorder, and many other conditions. MMA fighters regularly suffer from concussions, pain, damaged ligaments, serious inflammation, soreness, head trauma, etc. As a combined effect of these health issues, fighters often find it difficult to recover completely and even sleep properly. By addressing all these problems, CBD helps them recover quickly and continue performing at 100%. Another great advantage of CBD is its non-addictive nature. This allows users to consume it for different health purposes without risking an overdose.

It can be interesting to find out the scientific background behind the healing properties of CBD. The body of all mammals has an endocannabinoid system, a system that is directly associated with a wide variety of processes, including memory, pain, mood, stress, appetite, sleep, immune function, metabolism, and reproductive function. This system helps maintain a healthy balance of the body, and recover from all sorts of injuries and damage. All types of cannabinoids including CBD are capable of supporting the endocannabinoid system. This helps the fighters regain the normal state of balance of the body after MMA training and fighting.

In recent years, we have seen more MMA fighters become advocates of CBD and its health benefits. Many experts suggest that it is just a matter of time before this supplement becomes a staple in the world of combat sports.

By Low Kick MMA