30 Dram Push & Turn Child-Resistant Vials

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30 Dram Push & Turn Child-Resistant Vials



Available Colors: Black, White, Green

Diameter: 1.61 inches / 4.1cm

Circumference: 5.07 inches / 12.88cm

Height (Usable): 3.43 inches / 8.7cm

Height (Total): 3.82 inches / 9.7cm

MOQ: 240 Units/Case


These classic push and turn vials are a must for any respectable dispensary, utilizing the tried and true “push and turn” lock system to seal in freshness and keep your container child proof.

Our various opaque color designs keep them both UV protected and state compliant, with plenty of room for standardized and mandated labels.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors for your various needs, our push and turn containers all come with certified child-resistant lids included.


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