Chris Jaster

“Playing and practicing golf puts a lot of stress on my joints, specifically my shoulders. I was convinced my right shoulder would need advanced therapy and possibly reconstruction. Hesitant about treatment, I incorporated Safer CBD products in my everyday routine. After 2 months, I have ZERO discomfort in my shoulder. The only constant I changed in my life is the addition of CBD”. – Chris Jaster

Shelby Brook

“I believe in prevention over treatment and having a clear intuitive mind-body connection, which CBD allows me to do. Being in the health and fitness industry for almost 10 years, I’ve always tested products before recommending them to my clients. After trying several CBD brands, I finally found a reliable & trustworthy source”. – Shelby Brook

Mitchel Harding

“Going to school, running a small business, as well as being an athlete and working as a personal trainer requires lots of focus. CBD helps me wind down and relax toward the evening and leaves me well rested and recovered into the morning”. – Mitchel Harding

Jolene Goring

Bremen Menelli