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What is CBD (Cannabidiol) Video

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s one of over 113 naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds in the Cannabis plant. The flowers of cannabis (both hemp and marijuana) secrete a sticky resin abundant in cannabinoids like CBD, as well as terpenes and various other phytochemicals.

Compared to THC - the other main cannabinoid in the cannabis plant - CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that no matter how much you take, it’s not going to produce the characteristic “high” from marijuana.

CBD oil is derived from hemp plants that have high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) while having low levels of THC.

At Safer Products, our CBD oils always have less than 0.3% THC.

These extracts can then be used in paste form, or mixed with other oils such as hemp seed oil, to lower the viscosity of the extract.

The cannabidiol (CBD) content of CBD oil varies tremendously, since the manufacturers use a varying assortment of hemp plants and preparation techniques.

We produce CBD oil with a high concentration of CBD.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors and neurotransmitters spread throughout the entire body. This system is tasked with regulating the balance of various organ systems.

The greatest abundance of these receptors is located in the brain, the central nervous system, and the immune system. Almost every organ in your body, including the skin and digestive tract, comes with cannabinoid receptors.

The endocannabinoid system controls a plethora of major biological functions, including:

  • Neuroprotection
  • Immune response
  • Sensory perception
  • Stress management
  • Cognitive performance

CBD works through the endocannabinoid system by increasing our naturally occurring endocannabinoids - thus helping the body maintain balance.

The defining difference between marijuana and hemp is the percentage of THC.

Marijuana refers to strains of cannabis that contain high levels of THC.

Hemp refers to strains of cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC.

CBD from hemp is widely available across the USA.

In 2018, updates to the U.S. Farm Bill legalized the commercial cultivation of hemp under certain regulations.

Our products are sourced from American-grown, high-CBD industrial hemp.

For the best shelf life please store in a cool dark area, this will assure there is no loss in potency.

Don’t allow to sit in direct sunlight.

If properly stored CBD has around a 12 month shelf life.

Our CBD is sourced from USA-grown industrial hemp, and may contain trace THC levels below 0.3%.

We do not guarantee that you will or will not pass a drug screen after consuming our products.

It is possible that the trace THC content may show up on various drug screenings.

There are many different ways you can take CBD - and none of them are more effective than the others.

The most popular method is via the mouth or sublingually with the help of oil, capsules, or our favorite - CBD-infused gummies.

CBD oils are the most versatile, as you can take your dose directly into the mouth, mix it in with food, or hold it under your tongue to speed up absorption.

Since 2017 Safer Products has been the market leader in the production and distribution of premium cannabinoid wellness products.

Our products are formulated in FDA and Colorado Department of Health registered, ISO9 and cGMP certified labs.

We are pleased to offer free ground shipping within the U.S. for all orders.

Ground shipping generally takes 3-4 business days from the time an order is placed to arrival at your door.

Our free ground shipping offer is only valid for customers in the contiguous United States.

If you have additional shipping questions, please contact us.

Due to the nature of our business and products we sell, items that have been opened are not eligible for a refund.

For any other items to be eligible for a refund, you have to return the purchased item to us within 7 calendar days of the purchase and with all packaging. If the item in question has been opened, the item must be sent back to us in the original container and lid.

Contact our customer services department to get a free shipping label and answer any questions you may have.

If our products arrived damaged, rotten or contaminated in any way, please document the time noticed, date and take pictures of the product(s). Contact us right away and we will be happy to send a replacement after determining if it is the carrier’s fault.

If you have additional refund questions, please contact us.

To ensure a safe, consistent, and effective product we use independent labs to confirm our CBD products are free of pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. Our testing also guarantees our products contain the optimal amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. Click here to view our recent lab test results.

All animals have an endocannabinoid system and can benefit from CBD. Our CBD oil is great for dogs and cats. 

Cannabinoids are characterized by their ability to act on the cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the human body.

Our body produces endocannabinoids and by supplementing with phytocannabinoids such as CBD we can help the body achieve peak performance.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in fruits, flowers, and all herbs including hemp.

They are a common element in many of our CBD products.

These compounds are responsible for the distinct aroma and character of the herb.

Cannabidiol (CBD)